Solomon Islands

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Update: Dive Munda Phase 2 Youth Training Sponsorship Campaign

Mon, 26/07/2021 - 01:55

The past 2 weeks, we saw the awesome launch of Phase 2 of our Youth Sponsorship Program.

We want to thank our fabulous sponsors below for creating these awesome opportunities for our youth!

  • Marie Blevin & Dario Accoto;

  • David Strassman

  • Noboro Yamabe

  • Shane MacKay

  • Bruce Wynia

  • Michael Gaumann

Afloat just after being launched at the Federal Shipbuilding Company yard, Kearny, New Jersey, 25 October 1941

Wreckage of USS Juneau a long-lost WWII cruiser located off Solomon Islands

The Research Vessel R/V Petrel’s autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) first identified the ship in its side scan sonar on March 17. Upon analysis of the sonar data, the Petrel crew deployed its remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) on March 18 to verify the wreckage through its video capabilities.

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Dive Munda Introduces Phase 2 of their Youth Training Sponsorship Campaign

Tue, 09/02/2021 - 21:28

In case you missed the awesome news, with your help and support we were able to train 105 local Solomon Island Youth (60% female) by the end of Jan, 2021!

Solomon Islands – 75 Years after World War II

Japanese Mavis airplane sunk during WWII on August 7, 1942 at the Tulagi Seaplane Base

My journey to the Solomon Islands began with an exciting dive experience and an unforgettable taste of history. Passing 100ft (30m) on my way down to 170ft (52m), I began to question the intelligence of this decision. I was in a very remote corner of the globe, with minimal surface support, dropping to a very deep depth and all on a single tank of air.