XDEEP issues Recall Notice on NX700 Regulators

XDEEP issues Recall Notice on NX700 Regulators

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XDeep - a Polish dive equipment manufacturer - has issued a recall notice on its NX700 regulator.

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XDeep issued a product recall on the NX700 on 7 January 2022

The manufacturer issued the following statement via social media.

"Our NX700 regulators are made for us in Italy, by a renowned manufacturer with many years of experience in this type of product. Before market launch, we have extensively tested them during many months of rigorous tests in extremely demanding conditions.

Unfortunately, during routine periodical maintenance servicing of some NX700 1st stages, in singular cases, we have detected some traces above-standard signs of the wear of the membrane.

Safety is most important. Although we haven't noticed a single failure caused by this, we decided to recall our NX700 regulators and update them to the newest version. XDEEP

We have not detected nor received any notifications about any failure or abnormalities caused by this potential wear. Nevertheless, we have decided to update all existing NX700 first stages to the newest available version, where any chances of the mentioned abnormalities have now been completely eliminated.

If you are an owner of an NX700 1st stage, please stop using it immediately and contact the dealer where you’ve purchased the regulator, or us directly. 

To compensate for the inconvenience caused to our clients, we have also decided that every NX700 set owner will get a free XDEEP Signature Hoodie in the chosen size and available colour."


Please follow this link to get full details. 

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