The Maritime Faculty in Kotor of the University of Montenegro has released Wrecks4All, a new free-to-use application that showcases the wrecks of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.

Wrecks4all app

The region of Adriatic Sea that borders the three countries has a long nautical history, spanning the ancient Hellenistic and Roman eras to the Second World War and the present. The Adriatic’s seafloor bears witness to numerous historical events.

Wrecks4All highlights a number of noteworthy wrecks in the region. Users can virtually dive to the wreck sites to examine them, using the app's augmented reality (AR) capabilities. The app was developed by the Maritime Faculty in Kotor of the University of Montenegro’s Center for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, under the auspices of a project entitled, “Protection of underwater heritage through digitization and valorization as a novel tourist offer”—Wrecks4All.

The Wrecks4All initiative intends to continue to develop the app product based on the region’s underwater cultural legacy in the Eastern Adriatic. There are many shipwrecks and other underwater heritage monuments located in the project area, and these attractions are well-known to tourists, especially those in the scuba diving community. As part of the cross-border program of cooperation, virtual reality showrooms to showcase the wrecks were also opened in Kotor, Mostar and Split.

The app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. â– 

SOURCE: University of Montenegro press release