Scuba Compendium: The Scuba Series Books 1 to 4, by Simon Pridmore

Author Simon Pridmore has just released a new single-volume e-book that brings together four books in his bestselling Scuba series. As Simon puts it, this is “a remastering and repackaging of the original albums rather than a greatest hits.”

Scuba Compendium: The Scuba Series Books 1 to 4, by Simon Pridmore
Scuba Compendium: The Scuba Series Books 1 to 4, by Simon Pridmore
Simon Pridmore
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Nothing is missing. Scuba Compendium gives e-book readers the advantage of being able to access all the knowledge contained in the four books in one place, making this a unique and easily searchable work of reference for divers at every level:

Scuba Fundamental – Start Diving the Right Way

Scuba Confidential – An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Better Diver

Scuba Exceptional – Become the Best Diver You Can Be, and

Scuba Professional – Insights into Sport Diver Training & Operations

Simon has always promoted the idea of safer diving through the acquisition of knowledge, which is why he has chosen to release this highly accessible version. If you have read his work before, you will know that he provides divers with extremely useful advice and information, much of it unavailable elsewhere; his points often illustrated by real-life experiences and cautionary tales. He examines familiar issues from new angles, looks at the wider picture and borrows techniques and procedures from other areas of human activity.

"Scuba Fundamental is a great book! Simon Pridmore is to be congratulated for this insightful, interesting and honest introduction to scuba diving. He tells it as it is!" John Lippmann, DAN

"If PADI's Open-Water manual is the Bible of scuba diving, then Scuba Confidential is the New Testament." David Espinosa, Editor in Chief, Sport Diver magazines

"I so wish Scuba Exceptional had existed when I was in the early days of my diving life nearly 30 years ago!"
Phil Short, explorer and pioneer

"There is quite simply nothing like Scuba Professional. It is the ultimate backstage pass into the business of scuba."
Jill Heinerth, author, explorer and filmmaker

About the author

Originally from the United Kingdom, Simon Pridmore writes scuba diving and travel books. He also writes regular columns for a variety of magazines and speaks about diver training and dive safety at conferences all over the world. He and his wife Sofie currently live in Hong Kong. For more information, visit: