One Breath

On 17th November 2013 Nicholas Lawrence "Nick" Mevoli III died. He had been attempting to set an American record at the Vertical Blue competition at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

Adam Skolnick
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ONE BREATH is available from, or via your local bookstore. Amazon also sells a eBook Kindle version. It is priced at US$26 USD / GP£20.


At the time Nick Mevoli was the American record holder and the only American to dive more than 100 metres.

"One Breath captures not just the adrenaline tang of the sport but also the compelling character of its practitioners and the deeper existential experiences they seek." Sunday Times

Today ONE BREATH by Adam Skolnick has been published in Canada, Ireland, South Africa, UK and USA. The book follows the life and tragic death of this up and coming freediving athlete Nick Mevoli. Editor-at-Large Francesca Koe reviewed ONE BREATH.

ONE BREATH is thoughtfully crafted to try capture the essence of a special person and a truly special and unique sport.

She added "I commend Adam for what I found to be an entrancing and well-written book."