Amplify Your Branding: Articles & Ads Together

Engaging narratives leave an indelible mark. We present a unique and exclusive package for brands eager to forge deep connections with the global diving community. This package combines the publication of a detailed feature article alongside a comprehensive, all-compassing advertising suite.

X-Ray Magazine goes beyond mere article writing. Our team comprises seasoned photojournalists and adept divers who are passionate about capturing the allure and essence of underwater adventures, the charm of land-based attractions, and the heartbeat of local cultures.

We are in the business of crafting award-winning travel reports that do more than just tell a story. They plunge readers into a world of vibrant imagery, evoke deep emotions, and leave a lasting imprint.

Our narratives resonate across a diverse readership, from the global English-speaking populace to native Danish and Swedish audiences,—and beyond.

Sample "Dive & Dine" travel feature
- click to open as pdf. This article is also published in Danish and Swedish versions.

"Dive & Dine" Feature Articles

A signature travel feature typically unfolds over six spreads, mirroring the depth of 10 standard pages, if not more.

Your target market can dive into detailed accounts of available diving adventures while immersing themselves in the local marine tapestry and the region's scenic allure. Through our articles, they can savour glimpses of your accommodations and gastronomic experiences, get acquainted with your facilities and notable staff (as needed or desired), and embark on a journey through nearby landmarks.

We also weave in the rich tapestry of history and cultural nuances, ensuring that they experience a 360-degree overview of what your destination or resort offers.

USD 5495  -  €uro 4995   

( Required flights and accommodation not included )

Components of an advertising campaign

Supplementing Advertising Campaign included

Campaign Packages, which will generally provide more value overall, bundle magazine ads, website banner ads, newsletters, press releases, content creation, video, sharing of social media posts and extra services.

This bundle comprise of:

  • 1/2 page advertisements in the magazine.
  • 300x250 pixel banner ads in newsletters.
  • Same or 160x600 pixel banner ads on website.
  • Reposting of press releases.
  • Creating and/or sharing of social media posts.

Duration:  5 months (or 150 days) / Three magazine issues minimum

Scandinavian outlets and Dive show

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Sportsdykkeren covers
Sportsdykkeren magazine, which we produce and publish in collaboration with the Danish Sportsdiver Federation, is but one of our Scandinavian language media.

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