Collecting news and leads using Twitter

Rather than searching for news individually and without coordination - which is both inefficient and leads to duplication of efforts - we use Twitter to collect, post and sort all the collected news, leads and ideas on a webpage with restricted access.

A string of Twitter accounts dedicated this specific purpose has been set up with the following login credentials.

Each account goes with a specific subject as indicated by the account name as follows: 

-- It is all pretty logical and easy to memorise.

Subject / Section Twitter account name Twitter password
General ecology xraymagecology xray2012
Sharks and rays xraymagsharks xray2012
Marine Mammals xraymagwhales xray2012
Sea Turtles xraymagturtles xray2012
Squid and Octopusses xraymagsquid xray2012
Research and Technology xraymagscience xray2012
Technical Diving xraymagtech xray2012
Wrecks and Archeaology xraymagwrecks xray2012
Photo and Video xraymagphoto xray2012
People and Profiles xraymagpeople xray2012
Equipment xraymaggear xray2012
News from Florida xraymagflorida xray2012
News from British Isles xraymaguk xray2012
News from Scandivia xraymagscandivia xray2012
News from AsiaPacific xraymagasiapacific xray2012



The list of Tweets are then displayed on a page in on our old website


It is still on our old website because the new one doesn't have the needed functionality.





If you are unfamiliar with Twitter

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets".

in short, it is where mobile texting (SMS) meets the web - with a few bells and whistles - and can be done from computers, tablets and smartphones.

You can 'Tweet' in a number of ways:

  1. By clicking on Tweet buttons on websites
  2. By logging into to post a comment, perhaps with a link or a photo
  3. Using an app on your smartphone or tablet IV. Via added apps on your browser such as or
  4. Using a webservice such as Hootsuite

1. By clicking on one of the many "Tweet' buttons found on websites.

After clicking, a pop-op window or a webpage as shown below will prompt you for a username and password (in the upper right hand corner)

(Enter one of the username/password combinations listed above)


II. Via Twitters interface

You can copy and paste a headline (of up 140 characters) and a link into Twitters interface.

This is how you log in:

Go to
Log-in is in the upper right corner. Enter one of the login credentials listed above.

Once in you will see a list of previous tweets and - on top - a window titled: What's happening?

Copy in a title or message and an url (link to website).  It is possible to also attach an image.

(The title or message can be a maximum of 140 characters long. )

Post / Send it