Poseidon Announces Upgrade Option For MKVI Rebreathers

The (34,000 Swedish Krona) package consists of a SE7EN E-module, two HP-sensors and a HUD.

The deadline for this upgrade is 24th December 2017 and it cannot be combined with any other offers. The old MKVI e-module must be returned to Poseidon and the owner will also need to either buy a M28 or a Paddle with a can connector.

Poseidon has also confirmed that there will be a minor upgrade for current SE7EN owners so that their rebreathers are solid state sensor ready.

Taking the SE7EN for a spin

The nascence of recreational rebreathers was just waiting to happen. Spurred on by rapid advances in technical diving, new materials and technology, coupled with cost reductions, the allure of long and quiet dives, with vastly improved non-deco times, had to seep from the technical communities to recreational diving, leading to the design of a new generation of closed circuit rebreathers aimed primarily at recreational divers.