Rebreather Training Council

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From left to right: Steve Tippetts, Doug Ebersole and Danny Graham getting ready to dive at Innerspace 2012, Grand Cayman

RTC advice—use checklists!

After such a long lay-off out of the water, it is not surprising that several agencies are issuing safety statements as Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns are relaxed, and divers around the world get ready to resume diving.

The latest piece of advice has been issued by the Rebreather Training Council

A checklist is probably the cheapest piece of life support equipment a technical diver will own, but it will look after you, dive after dive. RTC

Mark Caney from PADI and the RTC

RESA and RTC are in concord over training standards

Prior to this meeting the Rebreather Education and Safety Association (RESA) and the Rebreather Training Council (RTC) had been having a robust active discussion about industry-wide rebreather training standards. It seemed sensible therefore to take the opportunity for the two organisations to find a common path forward.