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Recreational scuba divers about to explore the waters off the Isle of Man | Image Credit: Rosemary E Lunn

Covid-19 and Diving: Research Survey

Dr Tina Spence, a qualified doctor / GP trainee is looking into the affects of Covid-19 as part of her Master's programme. During the process, she will be working closely with DDRC Healthcare. The 'Diving Diseases Research Centre' is also based in Plymouth, Devon. 

All UK divers are invited to help with this research, even if you have never had Covid-19. Tina Spence, University of Plymouth

The Research

We all know that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the UK and the world. However, there is currently limited anonymous field data around divers participation in recreational diving during the pandemic. 

You will be asked about your opinions and diving practices - your views and experiences are what this project is interested in exploring. Tina Spence, University of Plymouth

Information being sought include

DDRC launches diving ear survey

Ear health problems are one of the most commonly reported issues by divers. Problems can range from a relatively simple condition, for example, “swimmers ear,” to a more serious condition such as barotrauma, which can result in lasting damage to the ear.

Currently, anonymous field data is sparse, therefore Devon-based DDRC is hoping to find out what type of ear problems are most frequently encountered whilst diving if any medical advice was obtained; and if not, what was the outcome.