Historical Diving

Hydrogen in the Mix

Swedish researcher Arne Zetterström conducting trials with hydrox mixtures for the Swedish Navy

In the early part of the 20th century, American physicist and chemist, Professor Elihu Thomson—the person credited with putting the eventual use of helium on the diving menu—had originally proposed the use of hydrogen as a suitable replacement for nitrogen in the breathing mix used by divers. David Strike has the story.

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The Historical Diving Society

Dates Announced for 26th Historical Diving Conference

Be it equipment, technique, physiology, photography or biology, divers have the ability to study to their personal level and interest. One aspect that is often overlooked by most divers is the history of diving.

The UK has a rich resource when it comes to this subject. Indeed the Historical Diving Society (HDS) was formed in the UK in 1990, and has subsequently grown into an international organisation with members and offshoot societies around the world.