Still photography

Canon EOS R5

The EOS R5 will be able to shoot 8K 30p video at full sensor width (no crop) with Dual Pixel AF in all 8K modes. Dual card slots, in-camera image stabilisation, 12 fps with mechanical shutter (20 when using the electronic shutter) and a new “animal detection” AF system are already confirmed features. Sensor resolution is expected to be in the 40-50 MP range.

Godox Color Effects Set

The Godox Color Effects Set for round flash heads contains two each of 15 creative colour gel filters. Included in the set are Bastard Amber, Straw, Light Amber, Light Flame, Golden Amber, Light Red, No Color Pink, Middle Rose, Light Rose Purple, Surprise Pink, No Color Blue, Daylight Blue, Primary Blue, Moss Green and Blue Green filters. Each single filter has a diam-eter of around 6.5cm, which makes it possible to place it behind the diffusors of the most commonly used underwater strobes such as Sea&Sea, Ikelite and Inon.

Easydive DivePad

The housing communicates with the tablet via a Bluetooth connection. For IOS devices, a downloadable app allows you to trigger all camera functions; for Android devices, no extra app is required. A “selfie button” allows one to switch between front and rear camera views. The built-in electronic unit has its own battery, which is fully charged within two hours and provides 14 hours of operation.

Swimming Pools and Underwater Photography

It used to be that when one talked about underwater photography, one primarily meant photographing sea animals in their natural surroundings; however, it can also be interesting to shoot underwater images in swimming pools. Firstly, a pool can be turned into an underwater photo studio. Secondly, there are pools that are unique in themselves. I present some examples in this article.

Backscatter MF-1 Mini Flash

However, this strobe, with its guide number of 16 and its ability to fire 1,400 flashes with a fully charged Nitecore NL1835HP 18650 battery, is, according to the manufacturer, capable of lighting smaller and mid-sized wide-angle scenes or subjects as well, when using the optional diffuser. The strobes support five power settings, is triggered by an optical cable, and has a built-in 500-Lumen focus light, which is adjustable to three different power settings.

Exposure, Contrast & Curves

Photo of octopus after postproduction adjustments for exposure, contrast and curves. Photo by Rico Besserdich.

As always, the best thing to do is to get the proper exposure of your underwater images while shooting them. But sometimes this is easier said than done, and there are shots with insufficient exposure, which we, for whatever reasons, simply want to keep and “rescue.”

Retra Flash PRO

The strobe runs with four rechargeable AA-size batteries, has a maximum light power output of 150W, is made of machined aluminium, and has a built-in leak detector and 13 power settings, plus various user-programmable settings. Its beam angle is 130 degrees, and its colour temperature is 4900K. With a set of fully charged batteries, the Retra Flash PRO provides 150 flashes on 100 per cent light output.
A standard feature: The strobe can be triggered by optical cables, which are compatible with INON and Sea&Sea housings.

White Balance

This is how the image looks after the white balance correction in postproduction is completed.

When it comes to final editing of your digital underwater images, the white balance should be the first step of your digital post-production workflow. Always.

Underwater Model Photography

Shooting with a model right below the water’s surface can have a pleasing outcome, plus there is less “safety hassle.” But not everyone has the gift to look great underwater. Model: Chris Mo

Whether or not we find something to shoot during our dives with a camera, there is always one photogenic subject that is always with us: the dive buddy. This allows us to explore an interesting category of underwater imaging: model photography.