X-Ray Mag #32

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Peter Symes   Peter Symes

Clement Lee is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial dive industry pioneer. In this interview, we take a reminiscent look back at the challenges overcome and the awards won.

Kurt Amsler   Kurt Amsler

Discovery of prehistoric remains in the Yucatan.

Kurt Amsler   Kurt Amsler

Discovery of prehistoric remains in the Yucatan.

Edited by Gunild Symes   Jude Cowell

Welcome to the dreamy underwater world of American artist, Jude Cowell, who creates fantastic botanically drawn fish portraits to inspire the imagination. Her blending of “the real with the visionary” results in artwork that immediately takes one to the magical deep. Just eyeing one of these velvety beauties, one can almost feel the current brushing through one’s hair. <i>X-RAY MAG</i> caught up with the artist to gain insight into her Dreamyfish Art portraits.

Gunild Symes   Syed Abd Rahman and Kids Scuba

Reaching out to a new generation of divers

Andrea and Antonella Ferrari   Andrea Ferrari
Hairy squat lobster, Lankayan. Photo by Andrea & Antonella Ferrari

Encompassing an area of roughly 460 square kilometers just off Northern Sabah’s shores, right where Malaysian Borneo’s landmass, small offshore islands and international waters intermingle with their Philippine counterparts in the Sulu Sea, lies the Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area, or SIMCA, for friends. The island of Lankayan and its two neighbouring sisters Billean and Tegaipil have been declared since the year 2000 part and parcel of the protected area in what has since proven—beyond any doubt—to be an extraordinary landmark in the history of eco-tourism.

Rob Rondeau  

Many divers already know that you shouldn’t remove artifacts from a shipwreck. In addition to being illegal in most parts, doing so can also be dangerous.

Peter Symes and Tim Hochgrebe   Peter Symes and Tim Hochgrebe
Barracuda point, Sipadan

I have always been both somewhat envious and intrigued by what Sabah, Malaysian’s easternmost state, has to offer the travelling visitor.

Peter Symes and Roz Lunn   Peter Symes

Some of the Latest & Hottest in drysuits and undergarments


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