Dive Palau with Explorer Ventures, a new addition to the Fleet!

Set sail in the oasis of Palau, now with Explorer Ventures Fleet! This May, the state-of-the-art Black Pearl Explorer joined the world-renowned liveaboard company, in partnership with Pearl Fleet.

Black Pearl Explorer offers three incredible itineraries, including Palau Classic visiting all the famous dive sites. Plus, two Spawning Special itineraries for divers to see the rare spawning aggregations of bumphead parrot fish and red snappers.

(Unrelated filephoto). A Grumman TBF Avenger is one of the planes that BentProp has located.

University of Delaware help find WW2 plane wrecks

During bloody battles in 1944 between American and Japanese almost two dozen aircraft had fallen into waters around Palau, leaving around 70 airmen missing in action.

The Japanese wanted to use the islands for battle preparation and refuelling grounds — and so did the Allies. Numerous aircraft were lost in the waters of Palau, submerged for decades with little closure for the families of fallen airmen.

Palau: A Diver’s Addiction

Palau—prior to a few years ago—was just a name that meant a distant dive destination on my list of places to go. I had seen the periodical article written with its crystal blue water emerald green rock islands and sea life and coral combinations like no other place diving. A dive site called Blue Corner, sounded like fantasy land, almost as if it were thought up by Walt Disney himself, if he were a diver.