Discovering Palau’s mysterious wrecks with Sam’s Tours in the “Secret Season”

Palau’s premier dive centre is offering special wreck dives from August through October with in-depth presentations on the wrecks of Palau and their history in World War II.

Koror/Munich, February 02, 2017 – The Secret Season is the perfect time to discover some well-protected wrecks and macro dive sites and enjoy dives off the beaten path.

Black Water Diving in Palau

The original concept of black water diving consists of going to an offshore location in the middle of the ocean at night and jumping into the abyss to watch the ocean’s diurnal migration. By hanging lights at around 15m for a stable reference depth and drifting over a contour of a 1,000 meters, or as deep as you can, one can see microscopic zooplankton rising from the depths, bringing with them an array of magical creatures.

Palau: A Diver’s Addiction

Palau—prior to a few years ago—was just a name that meant a distant dive destination on my list of places to go. I had seen the periodical article written with its crystal blue water emerald green rock islands and sea life and coral combinations like no other place diving. A dive site called Blue Corner, sounded like fantasy land, almost as if it were thought up by Walt Disney himself, if he were a diver.

Tagging Sharks in Palau

Preparing the tag and inserting the tag into the shark;

Using state-of-the-art “internal tags” with a battery life of more than ten years, scientists in Palau are breaking new ground in studying the long-term behavior of individual sharks.

Peter Verhoog and Georgina Wiersma went along to document exactly how sharks are caught, tagged, and released. And also discovered, how important divers can be in shark conservation.

Ghost Ships of Palau

Wreck of Zeke (Navy Carrier Flighter)

Hidden beneath the serene waters of Palau’s lagoon lie dozens of coral encrusted Japanese ships. These long lost hulks were all sent to their final resting places during a devastating American air strike over 59 years ago and have since gained notoriety as some of the world’s most alluring ghost-filled vessels.