Ryukyuan Pygmy Squid, photographed in the wild.

Meet two new species of pygmy squid

The deep, emerald waters surrounding Japan's Okinawa Islands are a haven for marine life, and is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. Within this vast biodiverse haven, scientists have discovered two new species of pygmy squid lurking beneath the surface: the Ryukyuan Pygmy Squid and Hannan's Pygmy Squid.

These two species have now been described and catalogued, with names that connect them to Japan's cultural heritage. Findings have been published in the Marine Biology journal. 

USS Grayback, a U.S. Navy submarine lost in 1944 to enemy air attack, has been found.

Wreck of World War II submarine USS Grayback discovered off Japan

The submarine was found by the Lost 52 Project, which locates lost U.S. World War II submarines, and is the first U.S. submarine discovered off the coast of Japan. Japanese records indicate that the sub was sunk by a 500-pound bomb dropped by a naval bomber in February 1944.


Okinawa—simply saying the name has so many connotations. The island itself is huge, and yet it’s an oceanic island far from the Asian continent. It takes two and half hours to fly from Hong Kong, the closest point on mainland China, to get here.