The steamship Portland sank off the coast of Massachusetts in 1898. Portland lies upright on a mud bottom with its wooden hull nearly intact from the keel up to the main deck level. The vessel's entire superstructure is missing, with only the steam propulsion machinery protruding above deck level.

US Calls on Fishermen to Help Preserve Historic Wrecks

NOAA has called on fishermen to play a key role in preserving underwater historical treasures. To protect these maritime time capsules, NOAA has stressed the importance of avoiding fishing activities around known shipwreck sites

There are more than 200 wrecks in the sanctuary, according to NOAA, which specifically mentioned the World War II minesweeper USS Heroic, the trawler Josephine Marie and the 55ft North Star, along with eight unna

Great White Shark near a boat off Cape Town, South Africa
Great White Shark near a boat off Cape Town, South Africa

Shark tourism becoming popular in Massachusetts

Cape Cod's slow embrace of its shark reputation comes three summers after the popular vacation destination saw its first great white shark attacks in generations.

Businesses dreaded the negative perception seared into the public imagination by Jaws, the 1975 blockbuster movie about a man-eating great white shark that made its director, Stephen Spielberg, a household name.

Several years ago, there was a concern that it might have a negative impact on tourism. But we’ve been working to educate people about sharks and what we’ve actually seen is no negative impact.

— Paul Niedzwiecki, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

Finding sharks off the coast of Cape Cod is not hard, with some shark tour operators using the same methods that shark researchers use to find the predators: drones, or an overhead "spotter" plane, to locate sharks and direct their boats to them.