Central Pacific

The Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi pictured underway in the Summer of 1941.

Wrecks of two WW2 Japanese aircraft carriers found

This month's discoveries came after weeks of searching by crew members based on the research vessel Petrel. The vessel is owned by Vulcan Inc, a company created by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

One ship, the Kaga, was discovered last week, while wreckage from another carrier, Akagi, was found on Sunday, Vulcan Inc. said in a press release.

"Every shipwreck we find reminds us all of the ultimate sacrifice made by those who served their countries," said Robert Kraft, Vulcan Inc.'s director of undersea operations, in a press release. "Our team is truly honored to have discovered the Japanese Flagship Carrier, Akagi."

Chambered nautilus

A Dive with a Living Fossil

Look up a chambered nautilus in a book or on the web will reveal they are in the same class of mollusks as octopuses, squid and cuttlefish. The first thing that sets this cephalopod apart from the rest of the group is that the nautilus date back more than 500 million years, and were once the dominant form of life in the ocean. And to share a night dive with one of these true living fossils is a very fortunate event.