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Scuba diving pioneer Bob Soto dies age 88

Though there are nearly 50 operators on Grand Cayman now, Bob Soto was the first. He ran the business for 20 years before selling it to Ron Kipp who called it Ron Kipp’s Bob Soto’s Diving and spent the next 22 years expanding it further. Ron retired in 2003 and sold the business to Dan Tibbetts of Reef Divers who called the new company Bob Soto’s Reef Divers.

Soto created his own equipment and promotional diving videos to assist the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and diving clubs throughout the United States, as well as

Conditions at the Cayman Turtle Farm make it impossible for the turtles to express their natural behaviour and can lead to disease, injury and even cannibalism.

Tanya Streeter speaks out against Cayman Turtle Farm

The World Society for the Protection of Animals WSPAhas handed in a petition with 144,000 signatures to the Cayman government

Information obtained by WSPA and a recent report into the conditions at the Cayman Turtle Farm (CTF) has confirmed that animal suffering is a major problem at the facility which is the most popular tourist attraction in the Cayman Islands.

CTF is currently housing around 7,000 endangered sea turtles in cramped, unhealthy and diseased conditions

Cayman Islands —A guided tour with Cathy Church

When people ask me where my favorite dive spots in the entire world are, I have to stop and give it some serious thought. I like Fiji for soft corals, Chuuk for wrecks, Indonesia for critters, the Solomon Islands for an all-around trip and the U.S. west coast for kelp. But I usually reply that I like wherever I am going next, and that often includes right here in the Cayman Islands where I have the good fortune to live.