Cayman Islands

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Grand Cayman: Inspiration for Photographers

Southern stingray at Sandbar, Grand Cayman. Photo by Jennifer Idol.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from the world-renowned underwater photographer, David Doubilet, brought US diver Jennifer Idol to the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman where an immersive workshop for underwater photographers offered rare insights into how to capture on camera the beautiful underwater realm of this fabled oasis.

Stingray City

Like it or hate it, Grand Cayman Island is still home to one of the most legendary animal encounters on the planet. Dubbed as the world’s greatest 12-foot dive, the region is located inside the northern barrier reef, which protects North Sound from the vagaries of wind and rough seas.

Cathy Church

Down the stairs to the friendly photo shop at Sunset House Hotel, a dive resort on Grand Cayman Island, one enters the world of the colourful and inimitable Cathy Church, a legend in underwater photography and an inspiring teacher to many a diver who found his or her way to her popular week-long super courses.

Cayman Islands

Situated in the sparkling Caribbean Sea, the three Cayman Islands, known as Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, lie some 250 km south of Cuba and about 300 km west of Jamaica.

Geographically speaking, they form part of the Cayman Ridge which extends westwards from Cuba over towards the Bay of Honduras. The Cayman Trench, which goes down to a maximum depth of 7686 meters, separates the islands from Jamaica.

PADI Lionfish Course Announced

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association has announced the 'Invasive Lionfish Tracker', a PADI Distinctive Specialty course available to both residents and visitors. The one-day program aims to educate divers about the invasive predator with essential lionfish facts and their invasion of Caribbean and north-western Atlantic. The course explains why immediate action is essential to control the population and describes a practical way to safely and humanely capture and euthanize the fish.

Cayman Islands —A guided tour with Cathy Church

When people ask me where my favorite dive spots in the entire world are, I have to stop and give it some serious thought. I like Fiji for soft corals, Chuuk for wrecks, Indonesia for critters, the Solomon Islands for an all-around trip and the U.S. west coast for kelp. But I usually reply that I like wherever I am going next, and that often includes right here in the Cayman Islands where I have the good fortune to live.