Hoodoo | Crystal Black Mirror Green

Ultra-flex, super-soft polycarbonate frames; double-thick triacetate polarized lenses; 100% UVA/B protection; custom cleaning case; lifetime replacement program.

The Hoodoo Mountains are a rugged but lower elevation range in the northwest United States in north central Idaho. They are part of the Clearwater Mountains and are the source of the Potlatch and Palouse rivers. The high point is Bald Mountain at 5,334 feet above sea level.

The 'Fitzroy' and the 'Kynance' sunglasses have been fitted with Barberini mineral Platinum-Glass™ UV400 polarised recyclable lenses

Waterhaul Sunglasses

At present there are two different styles in the inaugural collection: the 'Fitzroy' and the 'Kynance'. The former square frame suits both male and female medium to large faces, whilst the Kynance has been designed for male and female with small to medium sized faces.

Waterhaul - a term originating from Newfoundland cod fisheries, used to describe the act of hauling in an (empty) seine or trawl net absent of any catch