Crocs and alligators

Three-dimensional models of the American alligator's skull were developed using cutting-edge imaging and computational tools.

3-D models of alligator skull developed

Studying the origins and movement of animals often requires the presence of live animals. However, this is not always possible (in the case of extinct species), safe or practical. In such cases, scientists now have another option: developing three-dimensional models of the animal.

This is what the researchers at the University of Missouri (MU) and the University of Southern Indiana have done. Using cutting-edge imaging and computational tools, they have developed three-dimensional models of the skull of the American alligator.

Timor-Leste: Land of the Sleeping Crocodile

The juvenile salt-water crocodile was near to death when the small boy found it stranded in a swamp far from the sea. Although greatly afraid, the boy decided to try and save the crocodile and eventually managed to get it back to the sea where it quickly recovered.

The two became best friends and went on to travel the world together, with the boy riding on the back of the crocodile as it swam across the seas.