April 2008

Sketch of USS Hoyt Vandenberg
Sketch of USS Hoyt Vandenberg

Sinking of Vandenberg still in the balance

The ship is now docked in Virginia where it will remain at least until hurricane season is over. And then, it's anyone's guess.

Escalating costs and evaporating finances have stalled the Vandenberg project, and it's uncertain whether the ship will ever come to Key West.

It will cost $8.45 million to scuttle the Vandenberg according to the most recent estimate.

Howard Schatz

Atlantis #1, by Howard Schatz

Howard Schatz is an extraordinary photographer who captures the ethereal fluidity of the human body under water. A dazzling array of his underwater studies are now compiled in a new book entitled, H2O. Gunild Symes caught up with the effervescent Schatz to gain some insight into the stunning imagery found within the pages.