European Underwater Federation

Photo by Jesper Risløv
EUF Lavanchy Award was presented to X-Ray Mag founder Peter Symes.

EUF Lavanchy Award presented to X-Ray Mag's founder

Nowadays, digital publications are common, but back in 2003, when Peter Symes had the vision to establish and produce X-Ray Mag—the first digital dive publication—this was not the case. “Peter has created a publication that the whole world reads, because it covers the many aspects of our sport in depth: destinations, science, media, safety, research, equipment, people, places, etc,” stated the EUF in a press release.

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Martin celebrating his EUF Award at Boot 2018 | Image Credit: Martin Denison

Martin Parker Receives EUF Lavanchy Award At Boot 2018

The new award was to honour of former EUF Honorary Vice President, Jack Lavanchy. It would be presented annually to an individual who EUF members felt "had made a significant and sustained contribution towards the responsible development of the European diving community."

The inaugural winner in 2017 was Deric Ellerby.