Wolfgang Leander

Wolfgang Leander has died

We instantly became friends.  Wolfgang was mild-mannered, pleasant and very knowledgeable.  At the time his body was already quite ravaged by several bouts of cancer but not his spirit or positive outlook.


Wolfgang's purist b/w photography of sharks, shot on film with his trusty and battered Nikonos V, was one of the few that truly inspired me to take my own photography a tad further. There was always such a raw but at the same time elegant aesthetic over his imagery which always appealed to me, and still does to this day.

Why is the hammerhead shark's head shaped like that?

Why the peculiar head shape of the hammerhead shark developed as it did has been the subject of much speculation. Few other morphological oddities have inspired so many fanciful and sensible theories about its function as the weirdly shaped head that characterises the hammerhead shark. Recent experimental evidence supports some ideas and refutes others, while pointing to a previously unsuspected role for this peculiar feature.