Southern Europe


Diver in Constantis wreck, Cyprus
Lelle Malmström in Constantis wreck, Cyprus

In the far corner of Europe, in the Levant and almost wedged in-between Asia Minor, the Middle East and Northern Africa and at the crossroads of the same, Cyprus offers a nourishing mix of varied diving, culture and cuisine. Lelle Malmström and Peter Symes went to check it out.

Sesimbra in Portugal

Octopus at Ponta da Passagem, Sesimbra, Portugal
Octopus at Ponta da Passagem, Sesimbra, Portugal

Along the coast of Portugal, just south of Lisbon, is the Arrábida National Park, founded in 1976. It protects an area on the southern part of the Setúbal Peninsula that covers 175.41 sq km (68.11 sq mi) of land and sea. Brandi Mueller shares her adventure in Sesimbra, which borders the marine preserve that hosts a plethora of marine species.

Climate Change & the Growing Crisis of Our Oceans

Partically bleached coral in the Mediterranean Sea, Cape Carbonara, Sardinia. Photo by Lorenzo Moscia
Partially bleached colony of the madreporarian Cladocora caespitosa, one of the most important hard corals in the Mediterranean, at Cape Carbonara, Sardinia

Climate change is increasing the crisis of our seas, already under pressure due to several human activities. Rising temperatures are affecting and changing the underwater environment all over the world. The Mediterranean Sea, unfortunately, is no different from other seas. A group of specialists, coordinated by Greenpeace Italy, are monitoring the situation in the waters around Italy. Lorenzo Moscia reports.