Mimic octopus in Mozambique

First-ever sighting of mimic octopus in Mozambique

Unlike any other member of its species, the mimic octopus excels in the art of disguise. It possesses the remarkable capability to alter its shape, hue, and behavior to resemble various marine organisms, including lionfish, flatfish, sea snakes, and more. This extraordinary talent serves not only as a spectacle but also as a survival strategy, aiding the octopus in confounding predators and capturing prey.

Tantalizing Tofo

Four hundred and fifty kilometres north of Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, and half an hour from the historic Portuguese trading town of Inhambane and its airport, Tofo is a laid-back village popular for its endless pristine beaches and, of course, scuba diving.

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean provide sustenance for an abundance of marine life here, but the mantas and the whale sharks are the stars of the show.