Apple Airtag

The small, button-shaped tracking device has a glossy white front that can be customized direct from Apple with a free engraving of initials, an emoji or both. The AirTag shape is designed around the user replaceable CR2032 batteries that are inside. Battery life expectation is rated at more than 1 year.

Mares Magnetic Connector

The Mares Magnetic Connector is a simple and secure way to single-handedly attach a variety of equipment. It can be used as a console or octopus holder, a flash light keeper, camera tether and more. 

The connector provides 360-degree rotation for optimum placement of any accessory and is designed to attach to all BCD D-Rings. The fast magnetic connection is safe to unlock, even fully loaded, and is rated to 132 lbs (60kg).

Available to purchase at an authorized Mares Dealer in black or yellow.

AquaSketch inventor, Mark Hagan, holds the wrist-size version of the device, which scrolls 8 feet of mylar, allowing divers to write and draw underwater on paper

Innovator interview: aquaSketch – Write & draw on paper underwater


Interview with owner and inventor Mark Hagan, whose scrolling sketch pad with 30 feet of waterproof mylar and smaller wrist model with 8 feet of mylar allows divers and researchers to write and draw on paper underwater (6 minutes). For more information, go to:



Bronze cover

Narked at 90 Petrel Custom Coloured Bezel

The British manufacturer 'Narked at 90' (who incidentally distribute Shearwater in the UK) have launched a custom coloured bezel. Although you can already personalise the start up 'splash screen' with your name or an image, it is still quite possible to pick up someone else's computer when you are distracted, hence this looks as though it could be a handy "this is mine" identifier.

A more protected Petrel

At present the Polycarbonate screen is quite robust and can take a knock. However some divers have been known to torque down the screws that hold the screen in place and this can compress the screen. The screen can then crack or micro cracks can develop around the screw holes. The polycarbonate screen is also predisposed to chemical damage. Narked at 90 states that the method of fitting the Titanium screen does not rely on the screw holes, therefore the screen cannot be squashed, giving it better longevity.

Otovent Dive

You have no frame of reference to judge how a piece of equipment should fit, or how your body reacts under pressure, such as your ears. You must learn to clear your ears early, often and gently when you scuba dive. This puts far less strain on your ears than dropping a few metres, and then trying to do a hard clear.

Fourth Element Changing Mat

The community is divided. Some divers like to make their own. Some divers like to buy their own.

When it comes to buying, there is quite a choice of manufactured mats available. fourth element unveiled their version in Orlando in November at the DEMA Show.

This mat is constructed from a hard wearing fabric. It is soft and safe to walk on, and looks to be comfortable to get changed on.

The mat doesn't absorb water, and is simple to clean. Just wipe it or give it a quick rinse and after a few minutes in the sun and wind, it will be dry.