ADEX Asia Dive Expo goes to China this July

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ADEX Asia Dive Expo goes to China this July

Mon, 17/06/2019 - 11:21
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ADEX Asia Dive Expo is back in China this July with new diving and ocean conservation programmes and activities fit for Summer in Shanghai and Beijing.

ADEX Asia Dive Expo, the largest and longest diving show is back in China with a fiesta of diving and ocean conservation-related activities and programmes. ADEX garnered recognition in 2018 as the ‘Best Exhibition Organiser 2018’ by the Singapore Tourism Board and is appointed by the United Nations and Asia Pacific Diving communities as the ‘Sustainable Ocean Ambassador’ in 2019. Spearheading as one of the “diving industry’s must-attend event”, ADEX is celebrating its 25th milestone this year. ADEX premiered in Beijing as ”CDEX” in 2005 and Shanghai in 2006, and since 2014 the official ADEX China Asia Dive Expo is organised by a Singaporean organiser, Underwater360 (UW360).

For the first time this year, ADEX Asia Dive Expo will be held during the period of summer in July to introduce diving as a summer sport, instead of its modus operandi in September. ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 5 to 7, in partnership with ISPO & Messe Munchen, and ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center on July 12 to 14, in partnership with Enlightened Creations.

ADEX Beijing Ocean is focusing on social responsibility efforts towards China's "Left-Behind Children" through "ADEX GIVES Back“ campaign, where the amount raised in the ADEX Charity Auction Gala Dinner as well as part of the proceedings from ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta ticket sales will go to China's "Left-Behind Children".

ADEX Asia Dive Expo is determined to raise awareness on the threats of plastic in the ocean, educating both divers and non-divers on the ways they can help save our ocean, backed up by China and international influencers and celebrities who forged together to reinforce on the importance of the conservation theme of ADEX Asia Dive Expo: Dedicated towards a Plastic-Free Ocean. An ADEX Asia Dive Expo initiative will see Anais Martane as the ADEX Ocean Ambassador to introduce the Ocean Citizen movement in China.

ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta

From July 5 to 7 this year, ADEX Asia Dive Expo will be held in conjunction with ISPO Shanghai, a multi-segment summer trade show, that provides a platform for innovation, marketing, networking communication for China's sports market. It features first-class speakers from the sports industry, opinion leaders and highly respected experts taking part in discussions on developments in the sports market and beyond. It convenes domestic and international brands in six major sectors, namely fitness, running, outdoor and skiing, water sports and diving, sports trends & manufacturers, and will be comprehensively showcasing the trends of the domestic and international sports market.

ADEX Shanghai Ocean Fiesta seeks to promote diving as a summer sport in China, the future market for the global sports industry. Renowned international brands in the dive industry such as PADI, SSI and more will be at the show promoting the latest diving gears and diving courses. Look out for the latest diving product presentations, water activities and performances, and special appearances by Wang Ao Lin, James Zhu, Austin Powers and DouDou, ADEX Ambassador for Marine Conservation (Greater China).

While in Shanghai, please visit the event in Shanghai Maritime Museum happening on July 5 to 11 for educational insights and beautiful exhibitions on the culture and history of maritime affairs, seafarers ports, military navigation and more.

ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta

ADEX premiered in Beijing 15 years ago, and this year marks the 6th run of ADEX Asia Dive Show in Beijing. On July 12 to 14, ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center in partnership with Enlightened Creations.

ADEX Asia Dive Show is not just a dive expo. Themed “Dedicated to a Plastic-Free Future", visitors from all age groups can expect activities suitable for everyone in ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta, such as ocean-themed photography & art exhibits, kids’ zone, conservation forums, book festival, technical diving talks, film screenings, mermaids, dive try-outs, and many more. The event will receive worldwide diving experts, underwater photographers, ocean conservation ambassadors, professors, diving record holders, celebrity guest speakers and more.

ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta will be headlined by both local and international speakers. Renowned China local celebrities speakers include Eric Tsang, Ocean Citizen Ambassador, Jing Chao, ADEX China Marine Public Welfare Ambassador, movie actress Mei Ting, ADEX China Ocean Ambassador, movie actor Tan Kai, ADEX China Marine Public Welfare Ambassador, Jin Tao, ADEX Ambassador, Anais Martane, ADEX China Ocean Conservation and Princess Ye Mingzi, ADEX Ocean Ambassador more.

Alexandra Ao and Jing Chao are appointed the emcees of ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta. The list of international guest speakers will include Ahmed Gabr from Egypt, Guinness World Record holder in scuba diving 332.35M, Christian Vizl from Mexico, 2019 Asian Photography of the Year Judge, Pepe Arcos from Spain, ADEX Ambassador for Film Making, Steven Schwankert from USA, Beijing-based explorer & maritime historian, and more.

ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta local speakers include Dada Li, ADEX Ambassador for Freediving (International), DouDou, ADEX Ambassador for Marine Conservation (Greater China), Eve Young, ADEX Ambassador for Kids Education, Wang Aolin, ADEX Ambassador for Freediving (China), Song Gang, ADEX Ambassador for Photography (China), Yorko Summer, ADEX Ambassador for Photography (Greater China), Alan Lo, ADEX Ambassador for Macro Photography (Greater China), Sun Ping, ADEX Ambassador for Photography (China), Nan Wang, ADEX Asian Photographer of the Year 2019, Yue Hong Jun, ADEX Asian Photographer of the Year 2019 Judge, Ace Wu, underwater photographer, James Zhu, underwater photographer, Chen Yuping, underwater photographer, Tan Xiaolong, Technical Diver, Kent Yeung, underwater photographer, Wang Yi Kun, underwater photographer, Zhou Jun, underwater photographer, Zou Qian, underwater photographer, Maggie Yang, Freediver, and more.

ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta international speakers who are experts in underwater photography include
Aaron Wong, ADEX Ambassador For Ocean Citizen and ADEX Ambassador for Photography (International) from Singapore, William Tan, ADEX Ambassador for Macro Photography from Singapore, Jade Hoksbergen from France/Taiwan, underwater photographer, Henley Spiers from UK, underwater photographer & writer 新加坡水下摄影师 Andrew Lim from Singapore, underwater photographer, and more.

ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta international speakers focusing on the core messages of conservation include Anne K, Ocean Artist from Indonesia, Monica Chin, Conservation Speaker from Malaysia, Peter Stone, Guest Speaker from the USA, and many more.

Beijing Ocean Fiesta convenes experts from various sectors of the dive industry, in the fields of Dive Safety, Freediving, Innovation, Mermaid, Underwater Photography & Videography, Single-use Plastic Conundrum in Greater China, and Technical Diving for an interactive discussion on the current and future outlook of the diverse diving industry, technological innovations, the best practices for professional growth and most importantly, messages on ocean conservation.

ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta will witness the crowning of a region title winner - The Asian Photographer of the Year. For the first time this year, Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) join in partnership with the World ShootOut Photo Grand Prix to convene Asia’s underwater photographers and videographers from all over Asia to compete for this prestigious award. Underwater photographers from and based in Asia who register and submit images taken during November 2nd, 2018 – June 11th, 2019 to any of World ShootOut 2019 categories are automatically enrolled in the Asian Photographer of the Year 2019 category. The submission dateline is June 11th, 2019, 23:59 pm.

The final round of the shortlisted entries will be live-judged in ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta, by the six 2019 Asian Photography of the Year Judges - Aaron Wong from Singapore, Christian Vizl from Mexico, Doudou from Greater China, Nan Wang from China, Yorko Summer from Greater China and Yue Hong Jun from China. The grand prize winner will receive a SEACAM Housing and the first runner up who gets the most online votes will win USD$500 cash. The winning photographs will be exhibited at ADEX India from October 4-6, 2019 at Bombay Exhibition Centre Goregaon East, Mumbai.

ADEX Asia Dive Expo actively demonstrate social responsibility, through various "ADEX GIVES Back” campaigns. All ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta visitors with special needs requirement are entitled to free entry. Interested visitors and dive instructors can interact to learn the details with Handicap Scuba Association (HSA China), HSA Course Director Mark Rausch (USA), HSA PADI IDC Staff Instructor Yuxin and more.

Working together with Beijing Public Safety & Welfare Foundation, ADEX Asia Dive Expo channels a portion of ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta ticket sales proceedings to the charity of “Left-Behind Children" foundation. 20 art pieces themed “My Ocean Dream” illustrated by the children living in the remote areas of Yan Nan, Gui Zhou, Si Chuan and Tibet will be chosen for exhibition, and the children and teachers of the selected entries will be invited to ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta cum Asia Dive Expo to showcase their work, for the purpose of encouraging all the children to strive for their dreams.

Additionally, all amount raised in the ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta Charity Ball will go to China's "Left-Behind Children" foundation. ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta Charity Ball will be graced by the distinguished celebrity guests such as Eric Tsang, Jing Chao, Mei Ting, Tan Kai, Anais Martane, and Princess Ye MingZi. along with many other attendees to witness the bidding of the 3.25m by 1.2m on-site artwork completed by the children accompanied with Art Future Organisation, the upcycled fashion costume by Ocean Artist Kalindava, as well as other sponsored items. ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta Charity Ball will be held on July 12, 7 pm at Infinity Hall, Hilton Beijing, for invited guests only and limited 100 seat tickets priced at RMB588 with free flow food & drinks till 9 pm.

Celebrating its 25th silver anniversary, ADEX 2019 launched the Ocean Citizen Movement, taking this opportunity of raising awareness about the polluting impacts of plastic packaging by taking a pledge to the refusal, reuse, reduce and recycle of single-use plastic products. Eric Tsang, Ocean Citizen Ambassador, Anais Martane, ADEX Ocean Ambassadors for Ocean Citizen, and Aaron Wong, ADEX Ambassadors for Ocean Citizen, will be leading the campaign through multiple channels. As the event is themed “Dedicated to the Ocean, For a Plastic-Free Future”, ADEX Asia Dive Expo strives to honour businesses that are committed to eco-friendly practices, and recognise those speakers, scientists and activists who worked tirelessly to counter the flood of plastic that threatens to engulf our oceans. We will raise awareness of the threats of marine plastic through our media and events while continuing to educate divers and non-divers on the ways they can help save our ocean.

The Mermaid Fiesta will be held on July 13, 2019, Saturday 7 pm at the Superlife Gym located in No. 50 West Gonti Road of Chaoyang, Beijing. This is a summer pool party for divers, exhibitors of ADEX, and is open to the public at RMB200 with a complimentary drink. DJ Shen Yue will be on stage and look forward to lucky draws and mermaids in the great pool.

Mermaids have an important role in educating the public on ocean protection. The ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta mermaids include ADEX Ambassador for Mermaid (China) August Ho, Mermaid Rainbow Du, Mermaid Yolanda Yeo, Mermaid Anne Liu Lan and many more. Plus-Size Mermaid Merliah Moidu will be making a special appearance as well.

One of the highlights in ADEX Film Festival will be a worldwide premiere of Snake Sisters Film, the legend of white snake battling the bronze monks to fight for the love of her, spearheaded by co-producer Yolanda Yao and a group of freedivers, mermaids and performing enthusiasts, accompanied by a live Snake Sisters Underwater Performance.

ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta will host a dive tank brought in by PADI, where visitors can enjoy dive try-outs and kids mermaid shows, learn about new courses and engage with professional dive instructors and mermaid instructors from a renowned international diving brand such as PADI, SSI, Mermaid MFI, MissVsea and many more.

Throughout its 25 years, ADEX Asia Dive Expo have seen each show progress from strength to strength, striving work tirelessly to inspire and encourage people to explore the beauty beneath the waves and fight to sustain an ocean that we can all enjoy. After all, everyone is inextricably connected to our oceans.

Do not miss out attending 2019 ADEX China Ocean Fiesta cum Asia Dive Expo! Register now for Early Bird discount. A portion of tickets sale proceedings will go towards ”Left-behind Children”.