O'Three 2020 Seasonal Beanie

O'Three 2020 Seasonal Beanie

In the event you end up shivering uncontrollably underwater, it is time to end the dive, surface and warm up.

You can also help slow down the process of getting cold by protecting your body temperature pre and post dive. A simple way to minimise heat loss is to wear a hat when you are on the surface. A humble beanie works well, and there is quite a choice out there. The latest one to hit the shelves is a limited edition 'seasonal beanie' from O'Three.

'90Ninety' O'Three Drysuit

Conversely if you are a northern diver, then you are probably going to pull on a Yorkshire Otter t’drysuit. There is also a neoprene / membrane split too. If you want a stonkingly good neoprene drysuit, O’Three has a much-deserved reputation, whilst Otter is the way to go for a membrane suit. Or perhaps I should say "there's now another choice", because times are a’changing. Otter also make neoprene suits whilst O’Three have just taken their first foray into membrane.

Key Features

  • High stretch rip-stop trilaminate material
  • YKK AquaSeal Zip
  • Apeks low profile Auto Dump (choice of position)
  • Apeks low profile swivel inflator
  • The choice of a neoprene or Si-Tech 'QUICK' fast replace ring system (silicone or latex compatible)
  • KUBU Dry Glove System comes as standard
  • Neoprene wrist protection cover
  • Suit can be dived with a wet or dry gloves
  • 4mm lined neoprene 'Pivot' boot c/w reinforced sole, toe and heel and built in fin lug
  • Front entry full telescopic torso<