Fourth Element

Fourth Element OceanPositive Storm Poncho

One of the first pieces of diving advice you are taught is to get out of the water and seek warmth if you are cold. One way to do this is to wrap yourself up in a poncho.

Fourth Element has just augmented their OceanPositive range of clothing with the launch of a UV resistant poncho. The unisex garment is quick-drying (200% faster than cotton) and has been made from S.Café® technology.

Fourth Element Expedition Series Duffel Bag

I was fed up with playing 'Where's Wally?' trying to spot my black mobile in my handbag. The pink cover solved this. I could find my cell in seconds because I could see it. Now Brit manufacturer Fourth Element has adopted the same thinking after getting frustrated feedback from Fourth Element team divers. It seems that the divers were just not that into hunting for black dive gear, in a black bag, in a black cave. Fourth Element's new 'Expedition Series' duffel bag is bright orange inside and out.

Fourth Element Submerge Ladies Boardshorts

They have now (thank heavens) launched a pair of ladies Boardshorts, and stated that these should not be ironed. We like the 'you must not iron' bit.

The four-way stretch, quick drying, easy care fabric (95% Polyester / 5% Elastane) promises to give the diver greater freedom of movement. Fourth Element have stated that to prolong the life of these shorts you should only machine or hand wash them in cold water and then line dry. (No bleach, no tumble drying, no dry cleaning, no fabric softener).

Fourth Element Arctic Expedition

This bio-mapped ceramic printed garment comes in two choices; a one piece (similar in style to the HALO 3D) or the traditional two piece option. Fourth Element has advised that the Arctic Expedition should be a relatively low bulk garment.

The fabric has been resin impregnated for wear resistance, with key panels in the upper body augmented to make them wind and waterproof. Other features include warm hand pockets and a new thumb loop design.

Fourth Element J2 baselayer

The team spent days underground, therefore they needed base layers that could stand long repetitive wear without the risk of skin infections developing.

One way of reducing this risk is to keep the skin dry. The fabric has a unique knit that minimises contact with the skin, allowing air to circulate, whilst having enough fibres to wick away sweat. In addition the fabric is bacteriostatic and anti-fungal, thanks to anti-microbial silver ions embedded within the fibres of the fabric.

Fourth Element Changing Mat

The community is divided. Some divers like to make their own. Some divers like to buy their own.

When it comes to buying, there is quite a choice of manufactured mats available. fourth element unveiled their version in Orlando in November at the DEMA Show.

This mat is constructed from a hard wearing fabric. It is soft and safe to walk on, and looks to be comfortable to get changed on.

The mat doesn't absorb water, and is simple to clean. Just wipe it or give it a quick rinse and after a few minutes in the sun and wind, it will be dry.