Free video tutorial on unusual macro UW photo techniques

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Free video tutorial on unusual macro UW photo techniques

Mon, 18/05/2020 - 13:42
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California underwater photographer Brent Durand offers a new free video tutorial on uncommon underwater photography tips and techniques not often discussed, which will help improve your macro images.

Free video tutorial from Brent Durand on unusual macro UW photo techniques

Durand writes: “If you've been shooting for a while, you've likely read a number of articles with basic macro photo tips. These tips are largely the same (in my articles as well). And they're essential tips. But let's go beyond that and discuss macro photo tips you'll rarely see included in the general articles.”

Learn about the macro mindset, how to stabilize yourself as you shoot macro underwater and how reviewing your images before you end the dive can help improve your macro photography. Go to:

Get feedback on your images

Get 6 of your underwater images professionally reviewed for the price of a “Jackson!” Looking for a professional critique of your images? Set up an email image review with Durand to discuss your images as well as gain insightful tips on the settings and techniques that will improve them. “I generally focus on composition, lighting, camera settings and insights on marine life behavior for these detailed image reviews,” says Durand.

Book your virtual lesson at:

Need more help? Those who want dive further into a topic and get personalized instruction in specific aspects of underwater photography, gear or postproduction can register for a virtual lesson. “The lesson will cover exactly what YOU want to learn!” states Durand. Still not sure? Get a sneak peak at what virtual lessons are all about and what you can learn in virtual lessons with Durand.

See an introductory video clip describing virtual lessons here:

What makes Durand different from the rest is the combination of his thorough in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in photography and teaching it, pointed yet friendly instruction, custom-tailored to each individual's needs, taught with relaxed good humor, and concrete outcomes that can be seen in markedly improved images and shooting technique afterwards. “Great photos are created by those who truly understand the fundamentals of photography,” says Durand. “My instruction focuses on learning and applying these concepts with any camera.”

About the photographer

An avid diver for over 20 years, Durand is a widely published underwater photographer and dive writer who has served as editor-in-chief of the Underwater Photography Guide and imaging expert at Scuba Diving Magazine and Sport Diver. With a reputation for insightful-yet-simple reviews and tutorial articles, he has written for most of the top dive publications. Helping hundreds of divers “take their photography to the next level,” Durand has led underwater photography workshops in California, the Bahamas, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. ■

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