Isotta RED64 Underwater Strobe

Isotta RED64 Underwater Strobe

Mon, 17/08/2020 - 14:56
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The new RED64 strobe made by Italian manufacturer Isotta comes with a design, shielded electronics, and a microprocessor that is upgradable.

It is also neutrally buoyant in water and depth-rated to 100m. The strobe features a Xenon toroidal lamp, which provides a wide and homogenous spread of light with no hot spot and a color temperature of 5300K.

Isotta RED64 features a guide number of GN22 in water (at a distance of 1m, 100 ISO) and a beam angle of 130 degrees, without a diffusor. The strobe has a two-color focus-light (white and red, switchable). The RED64 is powered by eight Ni-MH AA-sized rechargeable batteries, which are stored in a compartment, sealed and separated from the strobe’s electronics. Strobe controls are visible from every angle.

A multi-color LED indicates mode of operation, strobe readiness and battery status. The strobe can be controlled both automatically and manually; RED64 can be operated with an optical fiber cable, working in TTL mode and in Manual mode as well. Alternatively, it can be used with sync cables through a S6 bulkhead, or Nikonos V, or in slave mode.


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