10BAR Adjustable Flip- Frame for Dive Masks

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10BAR Adjustable Flip- Frame for Dive Masks

Tue, 20/08/2019 - 13:37
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With age, it might become more difficult for one to read camera displays and other related display information while diving with an underwater photo or video system, especially when using cameras that do not have a built-in viewfinder that is adaptable for visual impairment.

Spotting tiny critters might be an issue for aged eyes as well. Underwater housing manufacturer 10BAR has designed a flip-frame with corrective lenses (ranging from +/-3 to +/-5 in strength), which can be attached to most common diving masks. The flip-frame is made of anodised aluminium. In addition, it comes with two quarter-inch threads, which allow one to attach smaller accessories such as lights or action cams.