Molecular Products launch flavoured sorb

Molecular Products launch flavoured sorb

Thu, 01/04/2021 - 10:49
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A number of new products are normally launched at the start of April, and this year did not disappoint.

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From today divers can now purchase Molecular Products sorb in Mint and Strawberry flavours

Molecular Products have proudly unveiled two new versions of their popular 797 sofnolime today. We gather that it has been specifically targeted at the diving market, enabling rebreather divers to purchase a flavoured sorb.

This new range has been launched with two flavours; strawberry and mint. The idea is that the taste fades as the sorb life diminishes, giving the diver an additional way to track carbon dioxide breakthrough.

I heard the strawberry is really good one. Teppo Lallukka

Rebreather divers have enthusiastically greeted this news in a positive manner. Krzysztof Chaszczewski confirmed on social media that he has been a beta tester for this product. "I have been using strawberry for 3 years. I recommend it. It is great, especially in dark, tight caves."

I look forward to Molecular Products launching a 'lime' flavour. It seems an obvious choice. Mark Powell, TDI Training Advisory Panel

Molecular Products are now market researching a third flavour. This morning divers have expressed an interest for this next sorb to taste of garlic, pineapple, chocolate or melon.  

Sorb Advice

On the back of this news, four rebreather instructors have issued some timely advice regarding sorb. 

Sally Cartwright - expedition CCR diver, and former chairman of the Sub Aqua Club - stated "Life is far too important and precious. Don't skimp on lime. People try and save money on fills and push their scrubber time. It's not worth it."

Lance Palmer - LP Diving - said "Divers should not dry out or bake sorb that has already been dived, so that they can reuse it. Nor should divers 'cut' used lime with fresh sorb. It is likely that you will experience channeling. This is where the scrubber has not been packed correctly, or dived lime is mixed with fresh lime, and small channels of carbon dioxide travel through the sorb stack. Over time the diver will retain carbon dioxide."

Mark Powell - TDI Advisory Training Panel - stated "Remember that the capacity of your scrubber canister is reduced at depth. Make sure that your canister has the capacity for the intended depth and duration, with a large safety margin in case of increased workload."

John Kendall - GUE Amphibian Productions - advised divers to check their sorb packaging. "Make sure you always check and stick to the dates printed on your sorb keg. Sorb has an expiry date. Don't go past it!"

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Never be tempted to repurpose dived sorb as cat litter. Your furry friend will not be amused. | Image Credit: Rosemary E Lunn / The Underwater Marketing Company

Cat Litter

Divers naturally will try and repurpose used sorb. John Kendall gave some useful advice for cat owners. "Please don't consider using dived sorb as cat litter because it is likely to give your cat caustic burns, and won't get rid of the smell of cat poo."