Light in the Underworld: Diving the Mexican Cenotes

Light in the Underworld by Martin Broen invites readers on an extraordinary journey into the underwater caves and cenotes of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, a rarely explored diving destination.

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Martin Broen
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Publish Date: September 17, 2024
Format: Hardcover
Trim Size: 10 x 10
Pages: 160
US Price: $60.00
CDN Price: $80.00
ISBN: 978-0-8478-3090-9

This captivating book by cave diver and award-winning photographer Martin Broen reveals the mysterious "Underworld" (Xibalba, as the Maya called it) through stunning imagery. These cenotes are water-filled gateways to the world’s longest underwater cave systems. Broen's work, gathered over multiple expeditions using pioneering diving and photographic techniques, showcases more than 250 cenotes, unveiling the dramatic secrets hidden within these caves.

The book is rich with images of otherworldly beauty, accompanied by Broen's engaging text that guides readers through the unique features of the Yucatán cenotes. From dramatic sinkhole entrances to vividly decorated underwater caverns, these caves are ancient time capsules documenting the fossil record and playing a critical environmental role today. 

Contributions from Alex Mustard and Paul Nicklen, based on their diving experiences, enhance this exploration, making it an essential read for divers, cavers, and armchair explorers alike.