BSAC Clubs Open to Qualified Divers for Thrilling UK Diving this Summer!

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BSAC Clubs Open to Qualified Divers for Thrilling UK Diving this Summer!

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Are you a qualified scuba diver looking for your next adventure? Dive the UK this summer with BSAC and discover the hidden gems of British waters!


For more information on BSAC, safety, governance, membership, or the diving and training programme, please phone +44 (0)151 350 6200 or email

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Divers who hold qualifications from other training agencies are encouraged to find their local club and get in touch to visit and join them on a dive or dive trip, to get a flavour of BSAC and club diving. Visiting divers will be covered with BSAC’s insurance to try diving with a club.

BSAC has scheduled two-day Instructor Crossover Courses through September and October for instructors from other agencies to easily get involved in instructing. Plus, divers from all agencies are invited to come along to the NW Dive Fest at Capernwray Dive Centre in Lancashire on Friday 27 September.

BSAC CEO Mary Tetley said: 

Qualified divers have always been very welcome and this summer we’re making an extra effort to encourage divers from all agencies to try diving with BSAC. We believe our local UK waters offer unparalleled diving experiences and we’d love all divers living in the UK to experience that."

This summer, BSAC clubs across the UK are opening their doors to qualified divers from all agencies. Whether they’re certified by PADI, SSI, CMAS, or another organisation, BSAC is challenging all divers to experience the unique underwater experiences Britain has to offer. No crossover training is required – just dive right in!

Why dive in the UK?

Britain’s temperate seas offer some truly thrilling experiences, from historic shipwrecks to colourful and fascinating marine life. Anyone who ever remarks that British diving is boring, stupid and cold has never dived these wondrous waters, which are never further than 70 miles away. There's so much to see, and never enough time.

From overseas to local waters

Many holidaymakers try scuba overseas and only experience diving abroad, returning from their holidays holding qualifications from PADI, SSI, CMAS or another agency. BSAC welcomes qualified divers into the organisation with no crossover training required. Already trained divers can find their nearest club and join great people in their area straight away – maybe even this weekend! – on an unforgettable scuba diving adventure.

No retraining needed

Around 40% of BSAC members started their diving journey with another agency. No matter the skill level, they can join any BSAC club without the need to retrain. Their current scuba diving certification has an equivalent BSAC qualification and, if they'd like to further their training, can simply continue from there.

Find the nearest BSAC club

Qualified divers won't want to miss out on a summer of spectacular diving with BSAC! Use the Find It tool on the BSAC website to locate the nearest club. 

Re: Insurance

Clubs in the UK are covered for anyone they have diving with them (to see how they like the club before becoming a member) for seven visits in any one insurance year. Please note guest insurance is not included for overseas clubs.


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