Works by our contributors

Scuba Physiological

If you are a diver, much of what you learned about topics such as decompression sickness and narcosis in your scuba diving class is over-simplified and some of it is just plain wrong, as diver training agency texts have not kept pace with the science. Scuba Physiological provides us with a good summary of what we know, a glimpse of where current science is taking us, and some good tips to make us all safer divers now.

Scuba Professional

Scuba Professional is the natural successor to Simon Pridmore’s first book, Scuba Confidential - An Insider's Guide to Becoming a Better Diver. Whereas Scuba Confidential focused on how to scuba dive, Scuba Professional looks at how diving is taught and how dive operations are conducted.

Scuba Professional is currently available worldwide via Amazon in paperback and e-book versions.