Practice underwater photography at home, with free video tutorials by Brent Durand.

Stuck inside? Improve your underwater photography while at home

"We are all aware of the stresses rippling through the dive industry as a result of COVID-19," said Durand. "To help look at the bright side, I have started a weekly video tutorial series on how to improve your underwater photography and video while at home.

 The first video in the series focuses on depth of field, exposure challenges, composition and creative lighting techniques.


The second video just posted in the series focuses on improving your skills in using a camera housing and reviewing photos in imaging software.

Brush up on underwater photography camera settings and how to use camera gear with free video tutorials about lights, strobe positioning, black backgrounds, wet lenses and composition tips.To watch the free video tutorials, go to the photographer’s YouTube channel at: youtube.com/brentdurand.

Exposure, Contrast & Curves

Photo of octopus after postproduction adjustments for exposure, contrast and curves. Photo by Rico Besserdich.

As always, the best thing to do is to get the proper exposure of your underwater images while shooting them. But sometimes this is easier said than done, and there are shots with insufficient exposure, which we, for whatever reasons, simply want to keep and “rescue.”

White Balance

This is how the image looks after the white balance correction in postproduction is completed.

When it comes to final editing of your digital underwater images, the white balance should be the first step of your digital post-production workflow. Always.

Underwater Model Photography

Shooting with a model right below the water’s surface can have a pleasing outcome, plus there is less “safety hassle.” But not everyone has the gift to look great underwater. Model: Chris Mo

Whether or not we find something to shoot during our dives with a camera, there is always one photogenic subject that is always with us: the dive buddy. This allows us to explore an interesting category of underwater imaging: model photography.

Rembrandt Lighting

What is the difference between a snapshot and a masterpiece in photography? This is a question that is often asked but is often already answered. Even though some opinions may differ, there is one very correct statement: It is all about the light.


To isolate specific parts of an object always works well in abstract photography, underwater and above.

Abstract underwater photography—some may whisper, oh that’s “art”; others may shout, it’s “foolish and completely pointless!” while mourning the downfall of “real” photography. Some may stare at abstract images, unable to understand what they are seeing, because the perceived image does not match their expectations.

Tips: Drone Photography for Dive Travel Stories

Drone photography can really spice up a dive travel photographer’s portfolio. It adds another element, dimension and a unique perspective. Safety is a primary concern with drone photography. Preparation, precaution and planning is very important. Become quite familiar with the aircraft, software and controller before taking it to a travel destination.