The Secret History of Sharks

From ancient megalodons to fearsome Great Whites, John Long's book reveals the untold story of how sharks became Earth's ultimate survivors through millions of years of evolution.

Book cover
John Long
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Jul 02, 2024
480 Pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4
SBN 9780593598078

In The Secret History of Sharks, renowned palaeontologist John Long delves into the fascinating history of sharks, creatures that have been battling for survival for 500 million years. Despite numerous mass extinction events that wiped out other life forms, sharks have thrived, developing unique abilities that placed them atop the oceanic food chain. 

Long, a leading figure in shark research, presents an exhilarating narrative that combines thrilling discoveries with scientific insights. His journey spans all seven continents, where he and fellow scientists uncover fossils that shed light on the mysterious evolution of sharks. These include a thirty-foot shark with a saw-like lower jaw, a clam-crushing giant, and even sharks fossilized mid-mating. 

The book also unveils new facts about the mighty megalodon, famed for its immense size and fearsome teeth. Beyond their prehistoric prowess, Long explores the modern threats sharks face, their contributions to medical science, and the lessons they offer for human survival. The Secret History of Sharks is not just a tale of ancient marine predators but a riveting exploration of life, evolution, and the resilience of nature.