Southeast Asia

Singapore's Pulau Hantu

Chromodoris nudibranch, Pulau Hantu, Singapore. Photo by Nick Shallcross.

Singapore is not usually the first place that comes to mind when you think about diving in Southeast Asia. And no wonder—we are so spoilt for choice in this part of the world, with Thailand and Malaysia to our north and Indonesia to our south. Well, these places are great if you have some vacation time or a long weekend, but what if you are too busy to get away for so long, or just want a reason to get your gear wet?

Malaysia's Pom Pom Island

Emperor shrimp on a Nembrotha Mileri nudibranch

Blessed with some of the richest waters in the world, Borneo’s Pom Pom Island offers some truly memorable macro diving. If you want prolonged, up-close encounters with some crazy macro critters and the chance to photograph the tiniest nudibranchs in the world, Pulau Pom Pom, in remote Sabah, is the place to go!

Malaysia's Pulau Rawa

Risbeccia tryoni nudibranch, Pulau Rawa. Photo by Nick Shallcross.

Located just a 20-minute speedboat ride from the coastal town of Mersing in Malaysia, Pulau Rawa offers a great alternative for those looking for a mixture of diving, beach time, relaxation and who just want to get away from it all.

Wakatobi Getaway 2017

Just a few fin kicks from the beach or off the jetty ladder is a snorkeler’s heaven. Snorkelers enjoy a wealth of marine life and pristine coral reef.

Trip Teaser: Come with X-RAY MAG to Wakatobi!

April 10-17, 2017

During this special week at the resort there will be a series of image clinics for underwater photographers hosted by Walt Stearns and Peter Symes (publisher of X-Ray Magazine), along with a photo contest for the best wide-angle & macro subjects taken during the week.

Papua New Guinea: Manta Rays

Manta ray at cleaning station, Gonu Bara Bara Island, PNG. Photo by Don Silcock.

From a distance, there is little to distinguish the small island of Gonu Bara Bara from the myriad of others in this part of southern Milne Bay Province; and few would guess that just off its northern beach is the best place in the whole of Papua New Guinea to see the magnificent reef manta ray—Manta alfredi.

Papua New Guinea: Witu Islands & Fathers Reefs

Diver peers through feather star arch at Killibob's Knob

When it comes to superlatives, diving and Papua New Guinea certainly go hand in hand. Sharing the world’s second largest island with Indonesian West Papua, the island nation is positioned at the easternmost extremity of the Pacific’s famed Coral Triangle—an undersea Eden boasting an unrivalled diversity of life.

Ghosts of the Machines: Kavieng’s WWII Wrecks

The 21st of January in 1942 was a really bad day to be a resident of Kavieng, in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. On that fateful day, the full might of the Imperial Japanese Navy was unleashed on this small town on the remote eastern edge of the Bismarck Archipelago, as it prepared to seize the main prize of Rabaul in nearby New Britain.