Portfolio: Alan Williams

The Beautiful Woman Comes (Nefertiti), by Marguerita Hagan. Hand-built ceramic, 24K gold leaf, 15 x 9.5 x 10in, Michener Art Museum collection. Photo by Richard W. Gretzinger.

Marguerita Hagan Portfolio

Circling, by Grace Marquez

Grace Marquez Portfolio

Mothership, by Olivier Leger. Ink painting on gesso, 60 x 80cm

Olivier Leger Portfolio

Three Colours Blue I and II, by Paul Fearn

Paul Fearn Portfolio

Humpback Whale, driftwood sculpture by Tony Fredriksson

Tony Fredriksson Portfolio

Banggai Cardinalfish Shoal, 36in x 24in, watercolor by Nate Wilson

Nate Wilson Portfolio

Detail of Sea Garden 1, by Mariko Kusumoto. Polyester and wood,  13.5 x 24in (right)

Mariko Kusumoto Portfolio

Softness, by Kate Jonker. Tubular hydroid, photographed using a very slow shutter speed and wide-open aperture to create a dreamy effect. Lit with two torches, one with a yellow filter and one with a pink filter

Kate Jonker Portfolio

Bigeyes, 65.2 x 90.1cm, oil on canvas oil on canvas by Setsuo Hamanaka

Setsuo Hamanaka Portfolio

Close Call,  12 x 16in, acrylic on canvas board, by Curtis Atwater

Curtis Atwater Portfolio

Octopus, by Dave Clarke. Electroformed copper sculpture

Dave Clarke Portfolio

No. 2, photo by Rico Besserdich

Rico Besserdich Portfolio

A World Within a World Within a World, oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches, by Lisa Tubach

Lisa Tubach Portfolio

Red Fish in the Red Sea, by Olga Nikitina. Oil on canvas, 25 x 20cm

Olga Nikitina Portfolio

Parrotfish, by Dray van Beeck

Dray Van Beeck Portfolio

Octopus, by Kristin Moger. Micron ink on paper, 8 x 10 inches

Kristin Moger Portfolio


Vanessa Barragão Portfolio


John Lautermilch Portfolio


Rudolf Farkas Portfolio

So-Cal Kelp Forest, painting by Amadeo Bachar.

Amadeo Bachar Portfolio


Kelly Quinn Portfolio


Kim & Kay Vaudin Portfolio


Jens Umbach Portfolio


Mark Adlington Portfolio


Gerry Miles Portfolio


Masayo Fukuda Portfolio


Mira Nedyalkova Portfolio


Kristen Regan Portfolio


Noriko Kuresumi Portfolio


Kelly Clause Portfolio


Frank Walsh Portfolio


Shayna Leib Portfolio


Derek DeYoung Portfolio


Yoshi Hirata Portfolio


Robert Paris Portfolio


Alexa de los Reyes Portfolio


Patricia Knight Portfolio


Carolyn Steele Portfolio


Shayne Greco Portfolio

Twisting and Twirling Waves, from the Atlantic Coast series by Margaret Juul. Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 48 x 1.5 inches

Margaret Juul Portfolio

Underwater Society 5, by Corinne Chaix. Acrylic, ink on paper, 8 x 10 inches.

Corinne Chaix Portfolio


Harriet Mead Portfolio


J. Paul Fennell Portfolio


Nicolas Pain Portfolio


Emily Williams Portfolio


Andy Nichols Portfolio


Tina Christiansen Portfolio


Amy Genser Portfolio


Meredith Woolnough


Michael Frank Portfolio


Blu Rivard Portfolio


Nancy Tilles


Sharon Brill Portfolio


Lauren Kussro Portfolio


Amanda Richardson Portfolio


Seth Casteel Portfolio


Ray Troll


Liduine Bekman


Sayaka Kajita Ganz


Kendahl Jan Jubb Portfolio


Caelum Mero Portfolio


Maximo Laura Portfolio


Dailan Pugh


Jude Cowell Portfolio




Ana Bikic


Pierre Sentjens


Howard Schatz


Micheline Lamarre Hadjis


Zena Holloway


Jason Taylor


Sue Duda




Patrick Chevailler


Thomas Peschak


Michael Portelly


Sam MacDonald