Miyako Island abounds with macro subjects, like this Phyllidia varicosa nudibranch photographed with a snoot. Photo by Martin Voeller.

Fjernt mod øst finder vi kejserriget Japan, et land som nok de færreste dykkerturister associerer med attraktiv og varieret dykning. Martin Voeller, der er fastboende i Japan, giver her et indblik i en af de mange spændende og anderledes lokaltiteter landet har at byde på.

Japan's Kinki: Macro Mecca of Honshu

Magnificent Miamira (Miamira magnifica), Kinki, Japan. Photo by Andy Murch.

Kinki is a ruggedly beautiful peninsula in the southwest of Honshu, Japan. The area is best known for the Shinto shrines of Kumano, which sit atop forested mountains in the center of the region. Each year, thousands of tourists and devotees undertake a pilgrimage through the mountains to reach the tranquil sanctuary, which is said to be a place of physical healing.