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Technically Speaking – Talks on Technical Diving Volume 1: Genesis and Exodus

Technically Speaking, by Simon Pridmore
Technically Speaking, a new book by Simon Pridmore

Technically Speaking is the latest book from best-selling Scuba series author Simon Pridmore. It is a selection of themed talks telling the early history of technical diving—where it came from, how it developed, how it expanded across the world, who the important movers were and how, in the decade from 1989 to 1999, the efforts of a few determined people changed scuba diving forever.

Legends Beneath the Waves – Scandinavia

That the waters of Scandinavia are simply cold and dark is a point of view you often come across, even among some divers from the region. However, Scandinavian waters offer an enormous wealth of shipwrecks that can compare with the most famous sites. This includes Viking ships, well-preserved medieval wrecks in the brackish waters of the Baltic Sea to war wrecks from the world wars and sunken merchant vessels. In a comprehensive new work spanning two volumes, René B. Andersen and Andrew Marriott review a large number of exciting wrecks worth seeing and describe the dramatic events that led to their sinking.

We had a chat with René B. Andersen about the books.

Lusitania: The Underwater Collection, by Vic Verlinden

Lusitania: The Underwater Collection
Lusitania: The Underwater Collection

X-Ray Mag contributor, wreck diver and underwater photographer Vic Verlinden and his team conducted "Lusitania—Project 17," a five-year thorough study documenting and photographing the wreck. His efforts over five expeditions have resulted in this hardcover book, telling the story of this illustrious vessel.

Cave Diving: Everything you always wanted to know, by Stratis Kas

Cave Diving book cover
CAVE DIVING: Everything you always wanted to know

As the title says, this book covers all aspects of cave diving—everything you might wish to know it. Written by X-Ray contributor, diving instructor and adventure filmmaker Stratis Kas (with Matteo Ratto), this book includes information about diving physics and physiology that have been written in collaboration with scientists, doctors and specialists.


Big Animals, Big Emotions: When award-winning wildlife photographers Amos Nachoum and Marko Dimitrijevic join forces, the results are spectacular. In BIG, they take us on a remarkable and moving journey around the world of big animals– and into ourselves.