Protection of species

Orca performing in Loro Parque
Orca performing in Loro Parque

Sanctuary for retired cetaceans launched

The planned sanctuary will primarily serve orcas, belugas and dolphins endemic to colder waters who are retired from entertainment facilities, and injured or ill animals rescued from the ocean. Rescued animals may be rehabilitated and returned to the wild, but those retired from the entertainment industry, who have never known life in the wild, are considered unlikely candidates for release and so would be given lifetime care.

Fin whale seen from the air

Californian whale populations stable or improving

Blue and fin whales are common inhabitants of the Southern California Bight, but little is known about their use of the area. To study their distribution, high-frequency acoustic recording packages were intermittently deployed at 16 locations across the bight from 2006 to 2012. Blue whale calls were more common at coastal sites and near the northern Channel Islands, while the fin whale call index was highest in the central and southern areas of the bight, indicating a possible difference in habitat preferences of the 2 species in this area.

Florida Manatees: Sirenians of Crystal River

A winter’s dawn is a special time to be on Kings Bay, for as the first rays of the Florida sun appear over the horizon, they light up the soft mist on the warm waters of the bay and create an ethereal, almost mystical, feeling. Listen carefully and you will hear the gentle ripples from the swirl pools formed by the paddle-like tails of the sirenians, as they make their way towards the freshwater springs that are the source of Crystal River.

One quarter of sharks and rays face extinction

The research was carried out by the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Shark Specialist Group (SSG) co-chaired by Nick Dulvy of Simon Fraser University.
The study reveals the main causes of the depletion of oceanic biodiversity. Fisheries and globalized trade are swiftly expanding, and proving to be the most dire coastal and oceanic threat.