Lionfish, native to the Indo-Pacific, is characterized by conspicuous warning coloration and venomous spiky fin rays.

Stung divers needed for Lionfish Pain Survey

The two Canadian universities are currently collaborating on the world's first large-scale study of lionfish stings. At present, there is no scientific data that has been collected on a broad scale, as to what happens to a human after they have been stung by a lionfish. 

Subject Criteria

Been stung? The scientists would like to collect the pain and symptoms you experienced after you were stung.  

Common Lionfish

Proposed bill to ban lionfish sales in Florida

Tallahassee lawmakers are joining spear-wielding divers in an attempt to control Florida’s ever-increasing lionfish numbers. If passed, the two proposed bills would halt the public’s ability to purchase lionfish for aquariums and raising them for sale would become a level two felony.

All of the details of the bill have not been decided. I’m saying let’s get rid of them. Put an end to lionfish in aquariums.

—Sen. Greg Ever