Lauren Kussro Portfolio

American artist, Lauren Kussro, has been inspired by the sea to create work that is extraordinary, unique and meticulous, capturing in printmaking and printstallations the intricate beauty and poetry of marine creatures and underwater life forms, which divers know and love so well.

X-RAY MAG interviewed the artist to find out more about her mesmerizing work and artistic vision.

Seth Casteel Portfolio

Buster the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, by Seth Casteel

Move over human divers, you’re not the only ones who love to dive. Apparently, divers these days are not just of the hominid kind—American photographer, Seth Casteel, has captured the astounding and often humorous side of our canine companions who love to dive underwater.


This summer, Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, is mounting an exhibit of glass models of marine invertebrates made by the 17th century German master glassblowers, Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka of Dresden. Professor James Hanken is an evolutionary biologist and the director of the museum. He talked to X-RAY MAG about the exhibit and the Blaschka glass works.

Howard Schatz

Atlantis #1, by Howard Schatz

Howard Schatz is an extraordinary photographer who captures the ethereal fluidity of the human body under water. A dazzling array of his underwater studies are now compiled in a new book entitled, H2O. Gunild Symes caught up with the effervescent Schatz to gain some insight into the stunning imagery found within the pages.

Jason Taylor

The Lost Correspondent, depth 7m, dimensions 140 x 43 cm.

Not all artificial reefs are shipwrecks or scuttled vessels, tanks or planes. Now divers can enjoy artificial reefs growing on original sculptures mounted underwater. Jason Taylor, a sculptor from England, recently finished a photo-documentation of his underwater sculpture project in Grenada. X-RAY MAG caught up with Taylor to find out how and why he did it.