Consumer issues

Aging wine in a way that bottle seals have contact with sea or ocean waters may render these wines adulterated

US Authorities nix underwater wine maturation

We have previously reported on wine being aged on the seabed such as when our reporters Larry Cohen and Olga Torrey went to Cala Joncols in Spain and had a taste for themselves. Their report can be found on the link below.

Meanwhile in the US, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), after consulting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), declared that underwater aging was a contravention of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Debugging the sunscreen factor

Just like GirlDivers don’t go under the waves without our “life support system”, we shouldn’t go under the rays without a “life support system”. Yes, ladies (and gentlemen), we’re talking about sun protection. And while sometimes this topic seems over played, hopefully this article will share new information and remind you of the need for adequate skin care under the sun.

Fish for all

Fish stocks are depleted world-wide. Over fishing, pollution and coastal development is putting the aquatic resources under strain. Eco-friendly tourism battles against the need for food. Scuba divers rage against dynamite fishing. The oceans struggle to sustain human activities. Many see fish farming as the solution to save the fish stocks and keep feeding people.