Sir David Attenborough, Boaty McBoatface, X-Ray Mag, NERC, Rosemary E Lunn
RRS Sir David Attenborough (Formerly Known As 'Boaty McBoatface')

Announcing Attenborough (Formerly Known As 'Boaty McBoatface')

The 15,000 ton vessel is currently being built at Cammell Laird, Merseyside, and is due to become operational in 2019. NERC said that they were "looking for something inspirational - something that will exemplify the ship's work." They hadn't factored in the British sense of humour and a man called James Hand. James Hand said "I read the story about naming the ship on the BBC website on Thursday (17th March) and some of the entries were really funny - my favourite was Clifford The Big Red Boat.