How many readers do we have?

How many readers do we have?

Like most other media, we have a core of very loyal followers that visits our site many times a day. Most of our regular visitors, however, come to our site once or twice a week.

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What constitutes a reader or visitor

Does every visitor count or just the regular ones and in which case what qualifies as a regular reader or repeat visitor?  To cast some light on the matter we have produced the illustration above which describes the relationship between common metrics.

Dual audience

Since we have two media platforms - a periodical (the magazine) and a website - we have two different but largely overlapping audiences.

The magazine can be likened to the classic Sunday paper where we have room for in-depth going analysis's and longer features and where we give an overview of the most important headlines in the interval since the previous issue was published.

The website is, on the other side, the forum for current and breaking news.

Most of our audience, but not all, use both media.

We also have a smaller proportion of readers who access our magazine and/or its articles from other sources than our own website as they inevitable get reposted or forwarded through other channels and fora beyond our control and influence. These channels include but is not limited to other websites, bulletin boards, communities and forums as well as torrent streams. These are not authorised by us but nonetheless, they evidently take place.

What constitutes a reader? Does it qualify to stop by once a year? Twice? Once a month? Weekly?