Water Crisis: Day Zero

Today fresh water supplies are dwindling and refugees around the world are suffering from drought, famine and war. It is an issue that can be ignored in a news report, but what happens when this problem physically moves closer to home?

Water Crisis: Day Zero  cover
Eric Douglas

Publisher: Visibility Press
Edition: 1st
Published: July 31, 2018

This catastrophe inspired author Eric Douglas to ask in his new novel 'Water Crisis: Day Zero', “what happens when someone attempts to create water refugees in the United States?” “I became interested in this situation when I read about the crisis in Cape Town, South Africa. The city was nearly out of water. They tried all sorts of conservation methods, but they were facing Day Zero. The day when there would be no water left to drink. That is a city of nearly four million people,” Douglas said. Lack of fresh water is not just a Cape Town problem, but a worldwide issue. In the USA the military has designated water and the lack of it, a national security issue.

The Story

When photojournalist Mike Scott uncovers a Russian oligarch’s plans to throw the United States in turmoil by poisoning the groundwater, he is in for the fight of his life to stop it. It’s a race against time as Mike battles computer hackers, teams of assassins and robot drones to protect South Florida and the United States from its own Day Zero. The story travels the world from Washington D.C to Moscow to the Bahamas and Miami.

Mike Scott

Douglas' protagonist is Mike Scott. An adventurer and journalist whose love for the ocean and scuba diving often crosses paths with his ability to find a good story. He regularly finds himself right in the middle of it.