Campaign: 'Full Service'

Magazine Ads

1/1 page or half spread

Banner Ads

Half Page Ad
300x600 pixels
Super Leaderboard
970x90 pixels
Wide Skyscraper
160x600 pixels
inside articles
Medium Rectangle
300x250 pixels
On front page, by
alongside articles,
and in newsletters

Content / Editorial

Press releases reposted on site
New products/services mentioned
Video widget on section pages
Editorial in newsletters
Reposts on social media channels
Social media post sharing
Import and display of feeds

Rates pr month

  U$D 1145 | €uro 995 | GBP 895

Have it all. Full page adverts in prominent positions, the biggest banner ads we carry, press releases, product mentions, video and/or widgets, inclusion in our regular newsletters. The full page package comprises of full page (1/1) magazine adverts and a selection of big banner ads. An alternative ad format is the 1/2 spread. Another possible option is to split the full page into two half-page adverts. The listed banner ads will both be placed in conjunction with articles and in the right column across the website. In addition to magazine ads and banner ads, press releases will be reposted, mentions of products and new services will be included on our website and magazine where pertinent.

Campaign packages: Full Service Premium Mid-size Standard Basics
  (this package)        
Monthly package rates:          
USD (at min. 12 months ) $ 1145 $ 895 $ 725 $ 525 $ 375
EUR (at min. 12 months ) € 995 € 825 € 665 € 495 € 345
- see specific listings for 6 and 3 mo. rates          
Magazine adverts 1/1 2/3 1/2 1/3 1/4
As pr classical page formats          
Banner ads          
300 * 600        
970 * 90 - Front page and articles      
970 * 90 - Top of section pages    
160 * 600 - Front page and in articles    
160 * 600 - in articles  
300 * 250 - in Newsletter  
300 * 250 - on Front page  
300 * 250 - Right col. articles
180 * 150 - Below articles      
Option for video ad    
- in place of the above          
Contextual banner ads included          
160 * 600 - in articles    
120 * 240 - in articles      
Included social media shares 6 5 4 3 2
Additional boost on Facebook to 45,000 to 30,000 to 20,000    
Included blog posts pr. month 4 3 2 1  
- or press releases reposted and shared          
Branded content      
(follow link to see specs)          
(Dive travel)          
Extended resort review and highlight. Extra spread    
Hand-on reviews and product placement photography.    

This is how it works:

Similar to signing up for a combined cell phone subscription, broadband and cable-tv package you pay one all-inclusive monthly fee for all of the services. The monthly rate depends how big a package or how many features you need. In return for being extended substantial discounts you have commit to, say, 6 or 12 months contracts.

Easy on the cash-flow

Best of all, as payments are broken down and spread over affordable monthly installments subscription-style it is gentle on your cash-flow.

Some nifty freebies:

Ad Packages are flexible and can be varied. Click here to find out how.

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Provisos & Terms

Deposit or rolling prepayment required. Direct debit via credit card or PayPal available.

All trading is subject to our general sales terms.